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Through the innovative and imaginative use of plants and props Hanging Garden is able to create all manner of themes and events. Among these are the below:-

Sports Themes:

Sportsfigures including golf,football,tennis,basketball,American football, etc; 2m √ó 2m “zero frame” pictures of famous sports stars; giant rugby ball; water features; topiary; horses; colour co-ordinated pots, plants and flowers to depict team colours, etc.

Australian Themes:

 Cordylines, Palms, Eucalyptus, etc.

Wild West:

Cacti, Pine trees, cowboy & Indian figures, artificial rocks, grasses.


Roman-style water features, Olive trees, columns, statues, balustrade,busts,urns, grasses, topiary, etc.


Sarcophagus, Cordylines, palms, gold planters, straight-edged waterways


Cupressus, citrus trees, Italian conifers, Olive trees, Bay trees, Terracotta, palms.


Urns, Roebelenii Palms, Date Palms, Fatsias, tall Dracaenas, chimeneas.

Winter Wonderland:

Pines,Birch,Spruce trees, artificial rocks, fake snow, pea-lights, etc.


Banana trees, Coconuts, Sago palms,Bougainvillea,fake Coconut palms with fresh palm fronds, palms underplanted with fresh fruit, water features, etc.Oriental: Acers,Bamboos,Buddhas, Bonsai,gazebos,pagodas, bamboo fencing, grasses, water features, rocks and cobbles, bridges, streams, red and gold drapes, etc.


Gold urns, Oscars, gold lions, palms, gold columns, Hollywood figures including Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin,Humphrey Bogart, The Blues Brothers, Elvis Presley, Laurel & Hardy,James Bond, etc. Jungle: Palms, Bamboos, Ivy poles,grasses,water features, streams,artificial rocks, waterfalls, vines, life-sized safari animals including elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions, zebras, crocodiles.

English Country Garden:

Topiary, Box – balls and cones, Marguerite balls, Rose bushes, Hostas, Bay trees, Versailles planters, herbaceous/perennial shrubs, streams, bridges, herb gardens, turf, picket fencing.

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